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Blog #8 - Chunder Chart

So… it’s clear that I’ve been enjoying fresher’s too much this week. After a successful run of good nights last week, this week I’ve finally hit the ground (literally). Not just once, but two nights out of the last three, I’ve ended up flat on my feet, throwing up in someone else’s toilet. I’m such a fucking failure!

To remind me of my shame, I’ve created my own personal ‘Chunder Chart’:

Two strikes in October already. It’s only the bloody 4th of October now. Such a disgrace!

On a more serious note, unfortunately my university is giving me problems over module selection. We selected modules back in August, and not once have I heard from my tutors that I need to do an even amount of modules in semester 1 and 2; until today. So I’m sat here now, already having started 2 modules, being told that I have to leave 1 module in semester 2 and take up another one now, even though all modules have already started, meaning i will have missed seminars and lectures for them. FML. Get your facts straight before you let me choose my modules, Southampton University!

Blog #7 Fresher’s, Fresher’s, Fresher’s!

And so ends the first week of my fresher’s fortnight at Southampton University, and WHAT a week it’s been.

Apart from the fact of going out nearly every night clubbing and getting wasted (I am absolutely shattered right now, I’ve lost my voice and have a sore throat!), the events themselves have been crazy.

On Thursday was Superheroes and Villains night, where I dressed up as a 1920s mobster (Al Capone style) which was awesome, although I almost boiled alive in my suit. Then the next day, when we had to dress up as something beginning with the letter ‘C’, I made a fun but very embarrassing decision. After borrowing a mix and match selection of skirt and tights from my halls friends, I ended up being a cheerleader. A CHEERLEADER. The first time and definitely last time I cross-dress. I don’t understand how girls can live with tights, they literally cook your legs! What was worse is that one of my new friends would not allow me to leave their flat without putting one of their bras on. It was so embarrassing, but being Fresher’s week, I took it in good heart and enjoyed the night (I think the alcohol helped).

Here’s me in the middle with my mobster outfit. And here below… oh dear…

Clubbing aside, daytime events have also been good. On Wednesday, me and my flatmates went to an event called Bunfight, where societies and clubs basically advertise themselves to you to get you to join (and give out free sweets!). I signed up for a few that I probably won’t ever turn up to, but the ones that took my interest included the Poker Society, which hold a game every Wednesday evening and take you to the Grosvenor Casino for certain events which will be awesome. There was also the Anime and Manga Club, which of course sparks some interest. Unfortunately it clashes with Poker, so it may have to be an alternate week deal. And finally there was the Piano Society which involves jam sessions and socialising, while also going to see performances. I look forward to trying all these out!

Lectures officially start on Monday, so although it’s still Fresher’s, I might have to wind down a bit! 

Blog #6 - Two more days to go!

Ahh, I can’t believe I’m finally going to university! Over the last couple of days I have been finalizing what belongings I’m taking and making sure I have everything I need. I also finished up with my job as a waiter on Wednesday.


Yeah. You know the money that I had extra from working as a waiter? Boom. Gone. Just like that. Spent on clothes, necessities and a new phone.


It’s a windows phone, the Nokia Lumia 620. I got it it about 30% cheaper than retail price due to being a return phone, so although it’s never been used, it was a much better price! At the moment I’m trying to get used to the layout and the new app store (I’ve always used an android phone before). But what is also good about the phone is that on my sim card (Three network), calls cost 3p per minute and texts cost 2p each. 2p EACH. That is about at least 5x cheaper than any other pay as you go sim. Also, internet is 1p PER MB. That is almost 100x cheaper than any other network. I prefer pay as you go as if I’d probably never spend the usage of a contract and end up wasting money.

Anyway, enough numbers… 

It’s so close to fresher’s fortnight now, I can almost hear the music and taste the booze… *-*

I’m going to be dead by the end of next week…

Blog #5 - Drunk Monsters and Short Sprites

Hello! Today we bring you the news of what has happened in my life over the last couple days!

Firstly, word has it that there is a man, lurking in a Bournemouth pub, who suffers from a terrible disease known as short-man syndrome. That’s right! Pained by this awful affliction, he suffers from the need to exert his authority at any given moment to give him an empowering feeling over someone taller. Only last Thursday, his curse struck upon him as he rejected serving me drinks with the excuse that my ID apparently didn’t look enough like me, and could have been my ‘brother’, even though I had other cards with my name on it. He then proceeded to kick me out. What is an ID worth these days? The world is coming to a shambles.

In other news, it appears men are not safe even in the most seemingly harmless places of all. Only today at the safe haven of work was I offered a blowjob from a drunk lady when waiting a table of 8 forty-ish year old adults. After politely declining several times and insisting that I was very flattered but had to work (whilst hiding my embarrassment), every time I returned to the table the men kept repeating that the lady was still waiting to ‘serve’ me. It was funny and flattering, but highly embarrassing at the same time, and certainly not something you’d expect when working at a restaurant.

Ermagerd, University in a week!

Blog #4 - Too early, or not too early? (That is the question…)

Over the last couple days my boss hasn’t given me any hours due to lack of customers, so I’ve been stuck inside with nothing better to do than procrastinate. Most of my friends have day jobs still going so it was either take a nap down the park, or play computer games. However, due to having my contacts in, the first option would have been more hassle than it was worth (I can’t sleep with them in, not even a short nap). The second option, albeit suitable for maybe an hour or two, would not resolve my boredom over a long period of time.

So while considering my options it suddenly hit me that with university looming over me just a couple weeks into the near future, it might be a good times to start packing! Well, either that or read Sense and Sensibility, but let’s be honest, I’m a lazy bugger when it comes to such things…

After sorting out a list of every potential item I would need or want to take, I came across some plush toys that I’ve had since I was a child. The one that caught my eye was my big grey bear, named Tiny (oh, the irony) of which I’ve had since I was born (the bear is older than me!). I’ve decided he will come to university with me; I’ve had him all my life and he’s always been with me. Am I being too sentimental?


I think I might be packing too early.

Blog #3 - Time to slee— I mean, read.

After what was a very unpredictable work schedule yesterday, turns out today was very simple; work from 12.00pm until 9.00pm. Wait, wut.


This was great news for my bank balance! However, I am absolutely knackered now. By the end of my shift my arms were like jelly trying to carry the huge stacks of dirty plates to the kitchen area. At least I didn’t end up like my co-worker who ended up smashing a whole stack! (Poor guy…)

However, albeit being tired, I cannot allow myself to sleep. No, no, I have to read books. Lots of books. See, I just discovered my reading list for the English Literature part of my course. 7 books, of which none I’ve read.


Luckily though, one of the books is already in my bookshelf - Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen -  which I picked up at my previous workplace (A discount book store) in the thought that it may come in handy. It was a good call as it turns out!

It’s going to be a long night…

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